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Ridgecrest Plaza - Houghton, Michigan

960 Razorback Drive Houghton, MI 49931


Size: 14,800 sq. ft.

Date Completed: October 2008

Project Description:

Division1 Design served as the engineer of record for the construction of this new retail center in Houghton, Michigan. The site presented a major challenge to the design team. In order for the site to be useable, over 30 feet of fill material needed to be brought in. An interlocking block retaining wall system was installed around the perimeter of the site to act as a structural barricade for maintaining the new site elevations. With the site design complete and now offering a feasible work area, the building was designed to provide a minimum of four retail spaces. Each unit was designed with a unique fa├žade, creating separate looks for each space. The spaces were design from 1,500 square feet up to 5,000 square feet.

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