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The Harbors - Menominee, Michigan

1110 10th Avenue Menominee, MI 49858


Location:  Menominee, Michigan

Size:  90,770 sf

Completion:  April 2009

Project Description:  Working with a UP-based developer, Division1 Design was brought on board this project to provide engineering and architectural design.  Originally built as a hospital, the developer wanted to re-use the space for senior apartments. As part of the initial work and to prepare the building for winter construction, Division1 re-engineered the building’s façade to include new energy efficient windows and a new exterior insulating finish system installed over the existing brick veneer.  The interior of the building was designed to provide senior citizens with a comfortable living space in the new apartment style building. Each apartment was designed with the residents’ needs in mind, using ADA style bathroom fixtures and open floor plans.  The basement level was converted from a cafeteria style kitchen to a sit down restaurant feel.  Tenants are able to dine here in addition to cooking in their own apartments. The first floor was designed to provide for everyday needs of the residents.  A post office with incoming and outgaining mail service is available for all residents. A library, movie theater, and hair salon were also incorporated into the first floor.

Project Includes:

  • 3 levels of senior apartments
  • Move theater, library, hair salon, and post office
  • Access to on-site medical office through the VA Clinic

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